Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia

German harpsichordist, organist, pianist, violinist and composer born in Berlin (November 9, 1723), died also in Berlin (September 30, 1787). She was the youngest sister of Frederick the Great and spent almost her entire life in Berlin Castle. She became Abbess of Quedlinburg in 1744. At the age of 17 she studied harpsichord and the piano under Gottlieb Hayne, the cathedral organist. She began to compose at the age of 21 and at 30 commenced the study of the organ and the violin. At 35 she studied counterpoint under Johann Phillipp Kirnberg. Her fondness for Bach led her to establish a large and valuable library of his manuscripts, which she bequeathed to the Joachimstalshes Gymnasium in Berlin. It is still on loan to the Berlin Library.

            Works for (military) band:

  • March for the Regiment of Count Lottum (1747)

  • March for the Regiment of General Buelow (1767)

  • March for the Regiment of General de Moellendorff (1778)

  • March for the Regiment of General von Saldern (1768)