Elfrida Andree

Swedish organist, teacher and composer born in Visby, February 19, 1841. Died in Stockholm in January 11, 1929. She had her first music education from her father and W. Sohrling in Visby, then she studied composition at the Stockholm Conservatory under L. Norman and H. Berens. She became the first woman telegraphist in Sweden and a pioneer of women’s rights. In Copenhagen she studied under N. Gade, then taught singing at a teachers’ training college, whilst waiting for a change in the law, forbidding women to be organists. She was appointed organist of the Finnish Reform Church from 1961 to 1867 and of the French Reform Church in Stockholm from 1862 to 1867, when she was elected cathedral organist in Goteborg and took over the direction of people’s concerts there. She directed 800 such concerts. She was elected a member of the Swedish Academy of Music in 1879. She was the first woman to write an organ symphony and her Swedish Mass was frequently performed.

            Works for wind band:

  • Piece (for military band, date unknown)

           Works for wind ensemble:

  • Symphony No.2 in E-flat major for organ and brass ensemble (1892)