Katharina Augusta Marie Louise, Queen of Prussia

German pianist and composer born in Weimar, September 30 of 1811. Katharina died in Berlin, January 7 of 1890. She was Princess of Saxe-Weimar and the consort of William I. She was taught by Goethe and learned the piano from Hummel. After her marriage she completed her sutides in music theory and composition under the court composer Hermann Schmidt and the music director Albrecht Agthe in Berlin. Katharina was very active in the political and social spheres. Her legacy includes The Protected Cruiser SMS Kaiserin Augusta, built by the German Navy in the year of her death, Kaiserin-Agusta-Straße in Berlin and the Berlin U-Bahn station in that street, the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium, founded in 1818 and named after her in 1876.

                Works for (military) Band:

  • Armeemarsch 102 (Military march, date unkown)