Kristina Forsman

Born in Umeå (Sweden), 1970, resident in Stockholm, Kristina is a contemporary composer. She takes inspiration from many different fields and, for example, her interest in rhthym can be heard in her orchestral work Ninata. But it is her work with the details in the sound, the twang, which is the most salience in her music. As a child Forsman lived in Etiopia which influenced her writing in, for example, Tissisat. Among her vocal music Rör mig, berör mig! with lyrics by Forman herself, can be mentioned. Forsman has studied composition with Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström. She has also studied a music teacher program at the academy at Ingesund. Further she has studied composition at the Gotland School of Music Composition as well as at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, with teachers such as Pär Lindgren, Lars-Erk Rosell, Örjan Sandred and Lars Ekström. Forsman plays trombone and works as a music teacher along with her composing.[1]

            Works for symphonic band:

  • Här och nu! (2017)


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