Cecilia Franke

Cecilia Franke was born in Malmö (Sweden) in 1955 and graduated as a precentor in Lund in 1975. She has also got a dental degree and worked as a dentist in the public dental health service from 1979 until 1990, along with extensive participation in the field of sacred music. After further education in music pedagogy she was employed as a cantor from 1991, first in Nittorp in the diocese of Gothenburg and from 1995 and ten years forth in Othem-Boge in the diocese of Visby. Cecilia has studied music composition with Sven-David Sandström, Henrik Strindberg, Per Mårtensson and Mattias Svensson at Gotland School of Music Composition. She is also educated at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, where she studied composition with Luca Francesconi, Kent Olofsson, Rolf Martinsson and Staffan Storm. In 2005 Cecilia was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Music and in 2007 she was awarded the degree of Master in Music. From 2007 Cecilia continued her education for a second master degree, which she was awarded in 2009 (Master of Music in Performance, composition diploma). Cecilia is a member of the Swedish section of ISCM and a member of FST (Society of Swedish Composers). [1]


Works for symphonic band:

  • Circadian (2008)


[1] in http://www.mic.se/