Ida Rose Esther Gotkovsky

French pianist and composer, born in Calais, France, 26 August, 1933. She is the daughter of the violinist Jacques Gotkovsky and sister of the violinist Nell Gotkovsky. She studied at the Paris Conservatory under Ciampi, Hugon, N. Gallon, Tony Aubin, Messiaen and Nadia Boulanger. Her prizes included the Prxi Blumenthal in 1958; Prix Pasdeloup in 1959; Prix de Composition du Concours International de Divonne les Bains in 1961; Medaille de la Ville de Paris in 1963 and Prix Lily Boulanger in 1967. Some of her original works for orchestra had also a posterior version for band made by Ida herself.

            Works for band:

  • Symphonie pour vingt-quatre instruments à vent  (1960)

  • Symphonie de printemps for orchestra (1973) with version for band (1988)

  • Poème du feu for band (1978)

  • Danses rituelles for band (1988)

  • Brillante symphonie for band (1988–1989)

  • Choral for orchestra or band (1989)

  • Musique en Couleurs for orchestra or band (1992)

  • Fanfare for band (1992)

  • Or et lumière for orchestra (1992) with version for band (1993)

  • Symphonie à la jeunesse (Youth Symphony) for orchestra or wind orchestra (1993)