Gudrun Lund

Danish pianist, violinist, musicologist, teacher and composer born in Aalborg, April 22, 1936. She received her B.A. (piano) from the Royal Danish Conservatory in 1953 and her M.A. (musicology) from the University of Copenhagen in 1955. She lived in the United States for the following ten years, teaching music appreciation and playing the piano and the violin. She became an American citizen in 1963 but returned to Denmark in 1966 to study composition under Svend S. Schultz and M. Windkel Holm. In 1983 she received a government grant for a year of study in the United States to experience a different musical atmosphere. Her music has been performed widely in Scandinavia, the United States and Germany.

            Works for Band

  • Negotiations, op. 76 (1984)