Tera de Marez-Oyens

Dutch harpsichordist, pianist, violinist, conductor, lecturer and composer, born in Verlsen , August 5, 1832. She graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory (piano and conducting) in 1953 having studied the piano under Jan Ode, the harpsichord under Richard Boer, the violin under Camile Jacobs and Jan Henrichs and conducting under Felix Hepla. She then studied composition under Hans Henkemans and electronic composition under Professor Gottfried at the Institut of Sonology of the University of Utrecht, gaining her diploma in electronic music in 1965. She is currently a lecturer at the Conservatory in Zwolle and has given various radio talks on musical education, electronic music and women composers and made television appearances conducting orchestras and choirs. She leads children’s groups in musical improvisation and concerts. She is a member of the National Council of Art in The Hague and vice-president of the Dutch Composers’ League. She received an honorable mention in Concours Electro-Acoustic, Bourges, France in 1982.

            Works for wind ensemble:

  • Octet (1972)

  • Concerto (fl and wind ens) (1983)