Anna Maria Klechniowska

Polish pianist, professor and composer, born in Volhynia, April 15, 1888; died in Warsaw, August 28, 1973. She studied the piano under K. Jacynowska and theory under G. Rogski at the Warsaw Conservatory until 1905 and continued her studies in Lvov under Soltys and S. Niewiadomski (composition). From 1906 to 1908 she studied the piano under J. Pembauer and composition under S. Krehl at the Leipzig Conservatory and then under K. Czop-Umlauf. In 1917 she graduated from the Music Academy in Vienna, where she had peen a pupil of F. Schimdt. After her graduation and until 1939 she hel her own music courses for beginners. In 1947 she became professor of the piano in the Folk Instituite in Lodz and later an inspiector of music schools in Warsaw. In 1951 she received the Prime Minister’s prize for her children’s compositions.

            Works for wind ensemble:

  • Krakow march (wind ens) (1937)