Ivana Loudova

Czech pianist and composer, born in Chluenc nad Cidlinou, March 8, 1941. She began her piano studies under her mother, Bozena Loudova, a professor of piano in Chlumec. She began composing when she was 12 years old and when she finished school in 1958 went straight into the third year composition class at Prague Conservatory, becoming a student of Professor Miloslav Kabelac. In the first three years of her studies she composed a number of works, two of which Suite for solo flute and Sonata for violin and piano have been performed frequently. In 1961 she became the first woman student of composition at the Prague Academy of Arts, under professor Emil Hlobil. She took part in the holiday courses for new music in Darmstadt (1967 to 1969) and was a guest at festivals in Holland, Kassel and Eger, Hungary. In 1968 she was a postgraduate student at the Prague Academy of Arts and Music under Professor Kabelac. In 1971 she received a grant to study in Paris under O. Messiaen and Andre Jolivet. In 1980 she was composer-in-residence for the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburg, for six weeks.

            Works for wind orchestra:

  • Chorale (org, perc and wind orch) (1971)

  • Concerto (org, perc and wind orch) (1974)

  • Dramatic Concerto (perc and wind orch) (1979) (New York: C.F.Peters)

  • Magic Concerto (xy, mar, vib and wind orch) (Peters, 1976)

  • Olympic overture (wind orch) (1979)