Tebogo Monnakgotla

Tebogo Monnakgotla, born March 25, 1972 is a Swedish composer. She was born and raised in Uppsala, where she as ten year old started playing cello in music school. After going to the Latin Latin Music Line, from 1994 she studied cello and composition (for Jan Sandström) at the Music School of Piteå, and from 1999 composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. During 2007-08, Tebogo Monnakgotla Sveriges Radio's special internal composer, a mission that, according to SR, goes to "the absolute premier young composers". She was elected as a member of the Swedish Swedish composer 2007 and is also a member of "Inversion", an association of female composers and conductors working to bring contemporary music to a wider audience.

            Works for symphonic Band:

  • Blå (2001)