Catharina Palmér

Catharina, born January 10, 1963 in Karlskrona, is a Swedish composer, organist, pianist and violinist. Palmér studied music theory, organ, piano, violin and composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. There she graduated in composition in 1998. Among her teachers were Sven-David Sandström, Pär Lindgren and Per Nørgård in Copenhagen. As a composer, she has more than fifty works in her name (2010). In 2002 she won a composition contest with the contemporary vowel ensemble at Indiana University. In 2003 she won the second prize in a composition contest in the Danish chamber marker Hymnias international composition competition Waterworks with the piece Kissrain, Watersleep for cam marker and two percussionists.

            Works for symphonic band:

  • Tones (1991)

  • Fanfare: över temat Litet bo jag sätta vill (1993)