Anniken Paulsen

Anniken Paulsen was born 1955 and grew up at Greåker, Norway, spending much time in the cinema. Coming from a musical family, she started playing piano at the age of five. Reimar Riefling was her teacher from age 12 until she started her studies at Østlandets Musikkonservatorium to become a soloist/pedagogue. At her debut in 1980, the program included compositions by Schoenberg, Webern, Ravel, Lizt and Schuman among others. In 1990 she started her studies at The Norwegian Academy of Music, with professor Olav Anton Thommessen as teacher. She composed for orchestra, chamber and music to four fairytales Hans & Grete, The Nightingal, etc.

Despite her classical education, the upbringing at the cinema has inspired her, and led to wide cooperations with writers, video/costumedesigners and painters.  She has done commissioned work for the Arts Council Norway, Concerts Norway, NRK, Arctic Brass, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble and The Festival of North Norway.

            Works for symphonic band

  • 2014 Overture (2014)

  • Circle of Life (2011)

  • RissKiss (2007)